Pulpit Supply and Rates


Ministry Personnel 2018 Rates:

Effective January 1, 2018, the minimum daily rate established by General Council, is $209.00, as per the Minimum Salaries for Ministry Personnel (2018). This covers a full working day, or any portion thereof, and is not linked to any specific number of hours served. The rate is based on the new compensation model increment category F minimum salary (which includes housing). The parties may negotiate a higher daily amount but cannot negotiate a lower amount than the daily rate. In addition, the ministry unit must reimburse the visiting ministry personnel for travel and incidental expenses (i.e. meal allowance and accommodations, as necessary). This minimum daily rate is applicable to ministry personnel only; the General Council has no authority to establish rates of compensation for lay people engaged by a congregation.


Minimum salaries; 1.4% increase from the 2017 minimum salaries

Continuing Education and Learning Resources: $1,393 annually

Travel: $0.41 per kilometer - set by Yellowhead Presbytery

Visiting Ministry Personnel: $209.00 daily rate - this is for Ordained, Diaconal or Designated Lay Ministry Personnel.  

For existing calls and appointment renewals, compensation for those must move to the new model no later than

July 1, 2018.  Please check the United Church of Canada Handbook for Minimum Salaries, 2018. 



Licensed Lay Worship Leader 2018 Rates:

Effective January 1, 2018, Yellowhead Presbytery established the following suggested minimum rates applicable in Yellowhead Presbytery.  These suggested rates have increased by $10.00 from 2017.

  • Licensed Lay Worship Leaders leading worship should receive $140.00 for a single point, and $160.00 for a multi-point plus mileage at $0.41 per kilometer and incidentals, when required (receipts needed)



Please click here for the Pulpit Supply List, effective September 2018.

Please contact Jackie St. Goddard if there are questions about the list.