Mission In Action Team


The Mission in Action Team coordinates those Presbytery functions related to Faith in Action and Faith Formation. Essentially these functions address areas such as social justice, faith education, youth ministry, Right Relations work and First Nations peoples, and the Mission and Service Fund. Many of the specific issues which Faith in Action addresses are issues which arise from the changing context and culture of the area we are located in.

Because Yellowhead Presbtyery is such a large geographic area, this means that our congregations face many and diverse contexts: resource-based community dynamics, suburban settings, seasonal resort contexts and rural farming and ranching life. Part of the process of Faith In Action work within Yellowhead Presbytery, is to identify specific areas of concern arising within and across different ministry contexts, and leading Presbytery members to become better informed and equipped to take the indepth work about those issues back to their home congregations. 

The Mission in Action Team is made up of a Chairperson, a Secretary and as many members as deemed necessary to do its work. The Mission in Action Team meets at least once between Presbytery meetings.

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Have a look at the application form for the special grants available to pastoral charges for 2018 that were approved at the May 11th YHP meeting.  This is a limited time opportunity, so give this some attention sooner than later.  Click here for the application form. 


"For the mistakes of the past, Canadians need to hear and tell the truth. With the promise of reconciliation, Canadians need to end the inequities of the present".

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