Ministry Development Team

The Ministry Development Team gathers together a cross section of people representing various Presbytery areas of responsibility which could be described as obligatory responsibilities as mandated by The United Church of Canada. Ministry Development Team members are appointed by the Presbytery Council.

The work and decision-making of the Ministry DevelopmentTeam is meant to be very transparent within the Presbytery. However, because of the confidential nature of the personnel and congregational matters it considers, meetings are open for non-members to attend only by prior arrangement. The Chairperson has a coordination function, and minutes are kept by a Secretary who forwards them on to the Secretary of Presbytery as soon as they are ready.

The Ministry Development Team would like to serve people who contact Team members as directly as possible. Therefore, please contact Chairpersons of the committes listed below directly when you have specific concerns or situations to discuss. These issues will be brought to the Ministry Development Team meetings, as appropriate. 


Ministry Development Team Contact List

Jackie St. Goddard, Chair,

Erin White, Property,

Dirk Jessen, Pastoral Relations and Oversight Convenor,

Deborah Springer, Pastoral Relations and Oversight Convenor,

Sharon Foster, Education and Students Convenor,

Lorraine Stewart, Recording Secretary,

Anne Telford, Mission Support Grant Requests,

Vacant, Co-Chair




 Click here to be directed to the Ministry Development Team Meeting Notes for the year.